Frequently asked questions

I am a business in Monaco. What is the procedure for disposing of my waste at the plant?

You can find the rules and regulations on our website. page dedicated to the plant.

For further information, please contact contact us.

I have toxic waste to dispose of. Who should I contact?

Small quantities of hazardous household waste (or toxic waste) can be dropped off at the SMA's dedicated facilities (3, rue du Gabian in Monaco).

For large quantities or waste from a commercial activity, please contact the SMA sales department (tel

Vegetable and motor oils are also accepted.

Where does the sorted waste go and what happens to it?

I live in Monaco and would like to know the address of SMA, the Waste-to-Energy Plant and the opening times?

You can find this information in the "Contact" section at click here.

What waste is accepted at the plant?

You can find a list of waste not accepted at the plant in the dedicated section at click here.

For more information, please contact us at +377 92 05 75 16

I have bulky items; how can I get rid of them quickly?

I'm a private individual residing in Monaco and:

- I will bring the items myself in a vehicle registered in Monaco during the Waste-to-Energy Plant's opening hours ( click here for more information on how to access the plant),

- I can't bring the items myself; I would like to make an appointment for the free collection of bulky household items by the SMA:

You can call us at 92 05 75 16 for more information.

- I prefer to have my items collected from my home by the SMA:

You can download our information sheet on private bulky goods at click here and or call us at 92 05 75 16 for more information

I'm moving house and need to clear out my flat. Whom should I contact?

You can contact us at +377 92 05 75 16 or via our contact page.

My drainage pipes are blocked. Who should I contact?

You can contact our cleaning team at 06 80 86 13 76.

What happens to the plant's final waste after recovery?

You can find this information on our commitment to environment page at click here.

What do you do with the steam produced?

You can find all the details on the page on our Waste-to-Energy Plant at click here.

How do I set up sorting bins at home?

Call the freephone number 8000 20 40