Our values


The complete satisfaction of our customers is the essential objective for our company. It is important to understand their present and future needs and to strive to meet their expectations.

This is why the company and its suppliers must work together to implement the quality policy in order to continually improve their performance.

The SMA is personally committed to providing all the support as well as the human and material resources necessary for this policy.

It has appointed Romain MOSCONI, Quality, Safety and Environment Manager, as the management representative responsible for developing, implementing, maintaining, improving and checking the quality system processes, raising staff awareness of customer requirements, and developing both a quality-oriented mindset and the company's quality system, as well as reporting on its operation.

As the ISO 9001V2008 quality management approach applies to all of the company's activities, together we must commit to a quality approach in order to ensure the success of the policy, ensure the company's long-term future and better satisfy our customers.


To guarantee our long-term performance to all our partners, by continually seeking efficiency and innovation for the benefit of the public service.


Let's take care of our future
Piyamu cüra du nostru avegni


To reconcile the development of our society with respect for the environment while providing essential services.


To mobilise all our strengths through our teams to help preserve the Principality's brand image.