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Our commitment to the environment

Actions undertaken by the Clean Environment Department

1. Water consumption: in agreement with the Government of Monaco, the SMA obtains its on-board water supply from the draw-off point in the Ruelle St-Jean, which is itself supplied by the Vallon de la Noix spring. This water, which was previously lost at the bottom of the Vallon because it was not drinkable, now allows us to conserve drinking water.

2. Cleaning products: as part of its environmental policy, the SMA only uses products that have been awarded the "Respect environnement" label, and is careful to limit the use of phytosanitary weedkillers.

3. Electric vehicles: each time it replaces an internal combustion-powered vehicle, the company assesses the possibility of investing in electric vehicles. Supervisory staff use electric bicycles provided by the Compagnie des Autobus de Monaco.

4. Battery disposal: the SMA has set up an environmental traceability system for the disposal of batteries from its electric vehicles.

Draw-off point in Ruelle St Jean

Actions undertaken by the Urban and Industrial Waste-to-Energy Plant

1. Compliance with European standards

Comply with European standards for atmospheric emissions limits.

2. Treatment of emissions

- Atmospheric: dust, HCL, DeSOx, DeNOx, DeBiox

- Liquids: neutralisation and discharge into wastewater networks

- Solids:

  • Waste: recovery at a specialist site in Italy (recovery of metals, treatment and use of mineral material as a road or pavement sub-base, backfill, etc...)
  • Incinerated scrap (from combustion): recovery ARCELOR MITTAL's Recycling Centre in Fos-sur-Mer.
  • Bulky metal bulky and batteries: bulky metal items and batteries recovered from the unloading hall are recovered and recycled by specialised local companies.
  • Filtration ash and cakes : disposal at the Bellegarde (30) Class 1 Technical Landfill Centre.

3. Integration into the urban environment

  • Treatment of noise, olfactory and visual pollution.
  • Building built to earthquake-resistant standards.