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Contact: (+377) 92 05 75 16,

Our commercial services

Nos Offres Commerciales
Physical destruction and recycling of digital data media of all sensitivities
Audits and reports
Implementation of environmental audits, action plans, reporting and reports
Hydroalcoholic gel
Providing, refilling and maintaining hydroalcoholic gel dispensers
Creative and fun collection of cigarette butts using special boxes allowing users to vote in a poll
Recycling of e-waste
Solutions for the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment
Collection, processing and recycling of surgical masks
Event services
Setting up waste management and cleaning systems for events
Private collection services
Specific private waste collection in multi-stream bins
Rental and collection of 8 to 30m3 multi-stream skips
Private bulky goods collection
On-demand bulky goods collection service
Bin management
Rental, sale, installation and after-sales service for multi-stream wheeled bins
Bin services
Collection, washing, disinfection and handling of multi-stream wheeled bins in your private areas
Solar cleaning
Cleaning of photovoltaic installations
Sani services
Diagnosis, cleaning, pumping and maintenance of drains
24/7 emergency number: 06 80 86 13 76
Water body cleaning
Maintenance and cleaning of bodies of water with radio-controlled robots and water scooters
Décapage doux par un mélange d'abrasif, d'air et d'eau projeté
Nettoyage en profondeur par propulsion d'eau chaude à haute pression
Road cleaning
Mechanised road cleaning (sweeper, sprinkler, scraper, etc.)
Maintenance and cleaning of business premises (offices, rubbish chutes, etc.)
Disinfection of premises
Disinfection and treatment of business premises
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(+377) 92 05 75 16